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5 Synagogues in Denmark


Chabad Denmark

Svend Trosts Vej 11 1912 Frederiksberg C, Frederiksberg, , Denmark
Phone: 45-33-79-33-26   Fax: 45-33-79-33-86

ChabaDanmark was founded with an over-arching vision: Although Jews may embrace many levels of observance in their personal lives, there should be a place for all Jews - no labels, no affiliations - to develop a sense of community, enhance the Jewish experience and all in an enjoyable and engaging manner. 

With tolerance, sincerity and deeply rooted values, Chabad can help you find and develop that Jewish spark in your heart.

We believe that Jews are Jews are Jews, regardless of affiliation or personal level of observance.

We have no checklist for knowledge, observance, beliefs or lifestyles of the people who attend our programs. Everyone is welcome.

Jewish faith rests on a firm bedrock of logic and intellect. Our tradition encourages us to inquire, to delve, to understand. With proper study and comprehension, we can transform the proverbial leap of faith into a stronger step of faith.

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Progressive Synagogue

Congregation Shir Hatzafon

Copenhagen, DK-2100, , Denmark
Operation Hours: Fri Evening Services,Shabbat Morning Services,High Holidays,Tourist Visits
Phone: +45 23 70 97 57  

Tradition Through Transformation

Progressive Judaism is rooted in the Bible, especially in the teachings of the Nevi’im - the Hebrew Prophets. It is based on authentic manifestations of Jewish creativity, ancient and modern texts and the desire to learn what God expects of us: justice and equality, democracy and peace, personal development and collective obligations.

Progressive Judaism is anchored in Jewish thought and tradition, which seeks to expand Jewish observances by providing full equality for all Jews, regardless of gender and sexual orientation - and work for a society that corresponds to the values which are rooted in the fundamental principles of Judaism.

One of the guiding principles of Progressive Judaism is the autonomy of the individual. As Progressive Jews we have the right and duty to decide how we as individuals should live out our Jewish faith and practice.

Progressive Judaism recognizes that all Jews – whether they be Liberal, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Orthodox or secular - are essential parts of the worldwide community of Jews. Progressive Judaism maintains that as devoted Progressive Jews we have an obligation to examine the Jewish tradition and to observe the Mitzvot (sacred acts) that are important today and for the person, and which can ennoble the Jewish family and community.

Progressive Judaism differs from more traditionally observant forms of Judaism in and with the recognition that the sacred heritage has evolved and adapted over centuries and that it must continue to do so.

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Orthodox Synagogue

Copenhagen Synagogue

12, Krystalgade 1172 Copenhagen K, Copenhagen, , Denmark
Operation Hours: Daily Services,Fri Evening Services,Shabbat Morning Services
Phone: 45-33 12 88 68  
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Det Mosaiske Troessamfund

Ny Kongensgade 6 2. sal Postboks, Copenhagen, 1472, , Denmark
Phone: 45-33-12 88 68   Fax: 45-33-12 33 57

Jewish Society in Denmark / Mosaic Religious Community is strongly opposed to the vandalism at the Muslim Cemetery in Brondby. Here, more than 50 graves were desecrated and destroyed by unknown perpetrator on the night of 6 June. The Jewish community expresses its sympathy with the families affected by the very coarse vandalism. 
Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, President of the Jewish Society / Mosaic Religious Community, said: 
'As a religious minority, we have an obligation to speak out against these atrocities and calls on the police and judiciary to focus on efforts to combat hate crimes against minorities, among others, also against the Muslim and Jewish communities. ' 
The Jewish Society also expresses concern at the tendency to stigma when it comes to religious minorities. 
'We all have a responsibility to speak out against hatred, fear and prejudice, 'said Dan Rosenberg Asmussen.

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Orthodox Synagogue

Machzikei Hadas

Ole Shurs Gade 12 1359 Copenhagen K, Copenhagen, , Denmark
Operation Hours: Fri Evening Services,Shabbat Morning Services
Phone: 1 760 941 2596   Fax: 1 760 630 8230
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