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Kehilat Beit Israel


The Kehilat Beit Israel, affiliated with Masorti movement is a traditional community / conservative situated in the center of Lisbon, which offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. We practice traditional with a contemporary mindset. Women are counted for minyan and encouraged to participate in services.

The special appeal of our community is practicing Judaism based on the conservation of Jewish tradition altogether rejecting fundamentalism. A practice that fits the circumstances of the time, respect different points of view and tries to study the teachings of Judaism.

Masorti means tradition and derives from the Hebrew word L’Masor (transmit). Our goal is to get past, stay in the present and transmit to future.

Claim that a genuine commitment to Judaism is possible only when there is a commitment to the observance, study and Jewish life, but also when there is an acceptance of philosophical, social and scientific truths. Our goal is to become the name of choice for the traditional Portuguese Jew.

Location: Rua Filipe da Mata 103, 2 Lisbon 1600-070 Portugal

Phone: +351 21-7975283

Synagogue Type: Masorti

Operation Hours: Fri Evening Services,High Holidays,Tourist Visits

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