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Judaica Massorti Marseille Provence


The Masorti Judaism called "conservative" in the United States, takes its name from the Hebrew "massoret" which means tradition. 
This movement is opposed both the Liberal or Reform movement, which amended certain rules of HALACHA, that 'Orthodox who did not accept any change to its interpretation. The Rabbi Frankel (its founding in the 19th century) argued that HALACHA absolutely had to be observed, but that its interpretation should be flexible to allow optimal adaptation to the needs of Jewish time .In fact, the law had formerly been subject to many different interpretations before being frozen by some groups. We assure you, nothing will change in our rituals or our customs. It is affiliated to a halachic Judaism majority across the continent and American presence in Europe and Israel .

Location: 71 av de Hambourg Marseille 13008 France


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