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Liberal Synagogue Beth Hillel


The Beth Hillel Synagogue, place of study, community activities and worship of the Liberal Jewish Community of Belgium, center of Jewish religious life in Belgium of Reformed persuasion, was founded in 1965.

At that time, an innovative kernel decides to come together to live in Brussels, open Judaism updated, as one who does practice then more commonly than in Anglo-Saxon countries. Indeed, the Shoah, with the disappearance of millions of human beings, also swept almost completely from the face of the world the existence of the innovative power of European Jewry.

Adherents of Jewish religious liberalism, relatively numerous in Western Europe before the war were often native of Germany, the country of origin of the Jewish Reform of the nineteenth century ...

Friends, therefore, meet. They call Meerapfel Heller, a man of extraordinary generosity, Erick Sandor z''l, Victor Simons z''l, Lewison Bob Herbert Solomon z''l soon joined by Eric Osterweil, Geoffrey King, Georges Blum z''l Peter Kay. They are assisted in the secretariat Eleanor Wexler and supported in their efforts to build their dream by pioneer women of the "sisterhood" which includes the energetic Marcia Lewison and Marianne Salomon z''l.

Rabbis come, the time of an office. There Yacob Soetendorp z''l Lionel Blue, Nissim Gabbai z''l. It is the latter that contacts the Dahan Rabbi Abraham presiding for 40 years over the destiny of the synagogue Beth Hillel ...

From the beginning, the rabbi Dahan sets up a Sunday school and lavishes his teaching. Francophone and Anglophone children are everywhere. But at the request of a number of parents more sensitive to compliance with US or British liberal reformist tradition, a specific program started in March 1968, led by Peggy Meerapfel and Bernard Lavenda.

From the apartment Bob Lewison where Beth Hillel pioneers come together, the small community  emerging from the "Belgian Liberal Jewish Union" migrate to an apartment she rents at number 118 Albert Avenue in style building "First floor" of the interwar period, typical of this area south of the capital. There, there, a small room which, for years, will serve as both a place of prayer, study and room for simhot (parties) and, adjoining it, a small bedroom: the office.

Location: rue des Primeurs 80 Brussels 1190 Belgium

Phone: 32-2-332 25 28

Synagogue Type: Progressive

Operation Hours: Fri Evening Services,Shabbat Morning Services,High Holidays

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