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Blocked Messages
Blocking Other Users
Cannot Login / Missing Profile
Cannot Find My Profile In Search
Change Username / Password
Change Country / Email Address
Cannot Find Mail Messages
Clearing Username After Logout
Deleted Profiles
Delete / Hide My Profile
Deleting Old Messages
Edit My Profile Information
Favorites Help
Forgot My Password
Images Help
Login Page Keeps Appearing
Scammers & Spammers

Why Are My Messages Being Blocked?

You can send a maximum of 4 duplicate/'cut and paste' messages per day before they're blocked.

If you send swears, sexual terms, or insults in your first message to someone it will also be blocked. Other website names will block a message as well.

If your message is too short it may be blocked by users who want longer messages.

You may not match the other user's messaging restrictions found at the bottom of their, and your, profile. These can be changed in Mail Settings. In addition, a user that you cannot contact may have specified no contact with other users that have associated with 'intimate encounter' users.

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Blocking Other Users

How Do I Block Other Users From Sending Me Mail?
In order to block other users from mailing you, simply scroll to the bottom of their message, and click on Block User.

How Do I Un-Block Other Users?
To unblock someone, simply scroll to the bottom of ANY message and click on ‘Blocked User List’ to make your selection.

How Do I Know If I've Been Blocked?
You'll know that you're blocked if you get a block message when you try to contact someone who has specifically blocked you. The message will read "communication with this member is no longer possible". You can also be blocked from messaging users if you do not meet their messaging criteria shown at the bottom of their profile (ie age, gender) - these settings are found in Mail Settings.

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Cannot Login / Missing Profile

Why Can't I Login?
1. You've forgotten your password and you are entering it wrong. Click HERE to retrieve your password. or
2. You've been deleted from due to one or more of the following:
a. Email addresses, website addresses, or phone numbers were included in your profile.
b. Not enough information in your profile description.
c. Indecent content, nude images, or harassment of other users.
d. We immediately delete escorts, scammers, spammers, anyone trying to sell something on, and anyone trying to direct members to other websites.
If your profile did not contain any of the above please accept our apologies as our system wrongly identified you, and you’ll have to create a new profile.

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I Cannot Find My Profile In The Search

Your profile is likely working fine. You cannot find your own profile if you're logged in as yourself. If others cannot find your profile it's because you don't meet each other's messaging restrictions found at the bottom of each profile (ie smoking, age, gender) or you didn't not include your area code at registration. Messaging restrictions can be changed/added in Mail Settings.

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Change Username Or Password

Login to and click on ‘My Profile’ and then click on Change My Profile tab . You will see your email address and password on the top of the page and you will be able to change your username and password.

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Change Country Or Email Address

Login to and click on ‘My Profile’ then click on 'Change My Profile' at the top of the screen you. Next, click you’ll be able to change your username and password. Click save on the bottom of the page to change your username or password.

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Missing Messages

1. If you see a blank user name in your account that means the user has deleted themselves.
2. If the user has completely vanished along with all messages that means they were deleted by the system.
3. Cut and paste emails are blocked.
4. You may only contact 30-50 new people per day

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I Want My Username To Disappear From Once I Logout

If you want your username and password to disappear after you logout you need to delete your cookies. Simply go to Tools, Internet Options, and the delete your cookies. You can also delete your temporary files.

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Deleted Profiles

If you go through the process of deleting your profile it is gone for good. We cannot restore your profile. If your account was deleted and you have been banished by the computer that means you broke some rules. The most common reasons for being deleted are:
1. Like every other major site we block users from Africa, Romania, Turkey, India, Ghana, Nigeria etc.
2. You must be 18+
3. You uploaded nude/bad images etc
4. A lot of users reported that you were rude/mean.
5. Soliciting people for any reason or sending spam.
6. 1 profile per person, no fake profiles, no harassing etc
7. You didn't complete the sign up process and our system removed your profile.

Jsoulmate is the only major site that regularly removes users we believe are not fit to use our service. About .5% of users are deleted for being repeatedly rude, mean, harassing or insulting to other users.

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Delete / Hide Profile

How Do I Delete My Profile?
You can delete your profile by emailing, and we will deactivate or remove your profile with in 24-48 hours.

How Do I Hide My Profile?
To hide your profile you can email at and request to deactivate your account

Deleting Old Messages

You can delete messages by clicking on the box beside the message, scrolling to the bottom of your messages and clicking on DELETE SELECTED.

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Edit Your Profile

How Do I Edit My Profile?
Login to, and then click on ‘My Profile’ on the top Right hand corner of the screen, then click on 'Chage My Profile' tab. You can alsoTo

To edit your registration settings including
and email address click on 'Chane My User Name Or Password'on the MENU at the top of the page.

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About Your Favorites

You can find your favorites/friends list by clicking on FAVORITES near the top of the page. In order to see whose list you're on, click on FAVORITES, and then 'Find out who has added you to their list!' . To add someone to your favorites list click on the profile of the user, and then click on ADD TO FAVORITES on the top right hand side of the page. To remove someone from your favorites simply click on DELETE beside their profile photo. The date and time beside each member on your favorites list shows the last time the member logged onto the site. 

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Forgot My Password

If you forgot your password you can have it emailed to you. Simply enter your email address HERE. If you do not get your password your profile may no longer be on

You can also login with your email address in place of your username if it's still not working.

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Add / Change / Delete Images

How do I submit a picture?
Login to, and click on My Profile' near the top of the page and click on 'My Pictures' tab. Go to Passport picture and Click the ‘Browse’ button in order to find your image on your disk/computer. Once you’ve selected the image you have the option of having it appear on your profile publicly. Next, click on ‘Upload New Image’ and the process is done. If the image is approved it will appear on your profile within 24 hours. If you don't have a picture on your computer and don't have a digital camera, go to a store like Kinko's and have them scan in a picture for you. If your images are fine, you may have attempted to upload when our server was too busy. Please try uploading your images again at different times of the day - if it still doesn't work please contact us at or you can mail us your picture to JSoulmate P.O. Box and we will upload it to you.

Uploading Problems:
If you get an error that says you need to login again, click logout, login once more, and go to the images page. Try uploading your image again. If the image is uploaded and then deleted, it means it didn't meet our requirements. Even if your image had no nudity, it may have been indecent or inappropriate for the site. Images are uploaded instantly, if your image is too big it won't upload.

What are the guidelines for a profile picture?
Images must be in JPG, BMP, or GIF format. Images must NOT contain any nudity or offensive material. Images must NOT contain cartoons or celebrities. You can upload a maximum of 8 images. If images are too large, they will not upload properly.

How do I delete an image?
To delete an image click on 'Delete Image' beside your photo. .

You may also have Problems uploading your Image if ...

    1. Your Image is much larger than 3000 Pixels on any Side.
    2. Your compressed Image exceeds 5.
    3. Most common error is that you are trying to upload a Word Document or a Text file thinking it is an image.
    4. Your Image already contains Compression Errors or is corrupt.
    5. Your Image contains a Non-Standard Compression Algorithm such as the AOL Proprietary Compression Algorithm
    6. If after 5 minutes your image has not been uploaded the upload process will stop.
    7. Your uploaded BMP & JPG Images are 8 Bits or less, and not in the RGB Color Model.
    9. Your uploaded GIF does not comply with the GIF89a Graphics Standard, non-standard Interlacing, Compression or Animation.
    10. The Image File Naming Convention is not ASCII Text, but Chinese, Funky Unicode, etc.
    11. Your Image is too small, less than 100 Pixels on any Side: See: Image File Sizes
    12. You have re-named another Image Format, such as TIF, PSD, PNG, etc. to any of the accepted jSoulMate Extensions of JPG, BMP or GIF, hoping it would somehow upload.

Items #1 and #2 can be changed by using the "Crop" or "Resize" Function of your Picture Editor.

#4, #5, #6, #7 and #9 by converting your Image to the JPEG Format before uploading it.

For #10, try re-naming your Image File.

For #11, upload a larger Image.

For #12, name the Image back to its original File Extension and convert to JPG, BMP or GIF before uploading.

More about images:

In order to maximize the Area of your displayed Image on your Profile, use a Graphic Editor to crop your chosen Pic to an Aspect Ratio of just a Hair under 1:1.

The largest size a pic on your Profile can be displayed at in your Browser is 300 Pixels wide by 299 Pixels high. Simply make sure that the Height of your Image is 1 Pixel less than its Width, such as 300 x 299, 600 x 599, 789 x 788, 1,153 x 1,152, etc. ... or any other Size you like, but not exceeding 1,200 DPI on any one Side. After upload, if you then click on that Profile Thumbnail Image placeheld as the Main Pic, then check the Properties Page, your Image(s) should read 300 by 300 DPI. The Thumbnail "Mouseover" pop-up Image will also be displayed at same Size. 1,200 x 1,199 DPI BMPs will give the very best Results, but sometimes these Images will not upload at all because they well exceed 4 MBs.

You can always upload any other Images sized any which Way under 1,200 DPI, but your Profile Display will not be maximized.

If only a Portion or Section of your Pic shows after Image upload, then reduce the Size of your Image and re-upload again.

If the Background of your Image is "White", and has only uploaded partially, add a 10-20 Pixel black Border around it before trying to upload it again. You can also now upload very narrow or wide Pics, but the Thumbnail Images will be rendered 'Proportionally Distorted'.

    If your Image does not upload, or only partially uploads, it is because:
  • Your Image upload Privileges have been revoked: Image Problems
  • Your Image is not in Compliance as per: Image Types
  • Site Traffic is bursting at the Seams or Server Down.
  • Firewall/Browser Settings blocking Site - Check Internet Options
  • Spy/Adware - Popups, Virus' or Browser Hijacks
  • Other Technical Difficulties: Images not showing up Issues
  • Your ISP is dropping Packets. Faulty Portal/Internet Connection.

On another Note, a JPG Image is a Compressed Image, usually about only 1/7th the File Size of an uncompressed Image such as a BMP or a TIF. A compressed Image (JPG) will always suffer, among a Number of Things, loss of 'Contrast', meaning both the 'dark' as well as the 'light' Areas of the Image are missing some Details. When you upload a JPG to your Profile, the jSoulMate Image Compression Filter re-compresses your JPG Image again, losing even more 'Contrast'. For this Reason, should you need to resize or crop your Image, also reduce the 'Contrast a little, so your POF uploaded Image reveals a bit more Detail.

About Image Sharpening, it's generally not a good Idea to apply 'Sharpening' to an Image you will upload to your Profile, as the jSoulMate JPG Compression Filter will reveal severe Artifacting of your Image, usually making it look worse than before.

For Images that "appeared" OK on your Computer, but look awful after you have uploaded them to your Profile, unless your Image was partially corrupt, a Non-Standard or Proprietary JPG Compression Algorithm, its usually the Result of too much severe Compression one too many Times, causing extreme Amplification of Image Degradation.

You can only upload the JPG, BMP or GIF Format to your Profile. Since the GIF only has 256 Colors, and the jSoulMate JPG Compression Filter renders at the 24 Bit color Level, the Results after Upload are often poor. Uploading JPG usually produces mediocre Image Qualities on your Profile Shots, uploading BMPs cause the least amount of Degradation to your Profile Pics.

Taking a Pic of yourself using a Digital Camera in the RAW or TIF Image Format(s), if your Camera supports it/them, then converting to BMP and uploading to your Profile will produce the sharpest, clearest and most colorful Images.

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Login Page Keeps Appearing

In order to prevent the login page from appearing over and over again you need to activate your cookies. You can do this by clicking on Tools on your browser, then Internet Options, then Enable Cookies or set the security setting to anything but High.

Email your username and password to yourself

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Each user gets 2 roses when they join the site. You can then send these 2 roses to anyone you want when composing a message. If you send rose A today then in 30 days your can send another rose. So if you send 2 roses today you will be able to send another 2 roses in 30 days from now, you can never have more then 2 roses at any one time. Roses are rare so use them wisely! Your profile displays how many roses you can send. There is no place on the site that will display how many roses you got sent to you.

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Spammers & Scammers

How Do I Know If Someone Is A Scammer? works hard to make sure scammers are deleted from the database. If anyone asks for money it is likely a scam. There are numerous incidents on all types of dating sites where someone asks for money, gets the money from another user, and then disappears. Don’t be fooled by such scams, and be sure to do an official legitimacy check on a person before you send any money.
What Should I Do If I Suspect Someone Is A Scammer / Spammer?

Please contact us immediately if you feel you've come across a scam artist or a spammer. You can click on the Help button to send us a message or click HERE.

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All about testimonials:

1. To create a testimonial about a user, you must be on the user's favorites list. To write one, simply go to FAVORITES, click on 'Testimonials from favorites', and then click on 'Write testimonials here'.

2. To remove a testimonial from your favorites, simply remove the user that wrote it from your favorites list. Click on FAVORITES, and then click on the REMOVE button on the user's profile bar.

3. To view testimonials about you, simply click on View Profile, and you'll find them at the bottom of your profile. To view other user testimonials look for them at the bottom of profiles.

4. To change a testimonial (or remove a testimonial that you have written), just go to FAVORITES, click on 'Testimonials from favorites', and then click on 'Write testimonials here' - find the profile of the person you wish to write/unwrite about and click on testimonial. You'll find the one you've written and you can either delete all the writing or add more.

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