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Great ideas for jewish singles on the perfect location for your first date.

Once you have found that jewish someone that you would like to meet in person, the big question arises "Where should we meet for our first date?".

One of the things that you should consider, is the potential cost of the date. Some men may feel under pressure to pick up the whole bill and follow tradition. Whilst this may be a very romantic gesture, not every man is possessed with a large bank balance. In today's changing times a woman may also prefer to share a bill (going dutch) and may be concerned about the potential bill for the date.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it may be worthwhile to try and keep the cost of the date to a minimum, so that neither person will have the worry of paying a large bill at the end of the date. Once you start getting to know each other a little better you can always splash out on a more lavish date venue then.

Here are some low cost dates ideas that won't break the bank.

A trip to the zoo - Everyone likes animals and you will also be meeting them in a public place which we also recommend. As you wander around the zoo looking at the different types of animals you should find it easy to strike up a conversation. There are usually a few handy places to sit down and have a bite to eat. By this time, the ice should be well and truly broken and you can start to get to know each other better.

Go to the cinema - This is often a popular date venue but it can go wrong if you don't consider a few things beforehand.

1. Try to find out if there is a film that both of you would like to see. If your date doesn't like certain types of films i.e. horrors, sport related etc., they may end up in a very negative mood by the end of the film. If you both have a different taste in films always let your date choose the film. This will immediately give you a few brownie points and put you in a good light before you meet them.

2. When you are watching a film you have to be quiet, so you will not have as many opportunities to get to talk to your date. However, you can overcome this by planning to go for something to eat after the film. How good or bad the film was, will then be a great starting point for you both to get the conversation going and relax a bit more.

Museum or art gallery - Again another great public place to meet your date, with plenty of opportunities to get the conversation going. However, you should only really consider this type of venue, if both you and your date are interested in what the museum or art gallery are displaying.

Restaurant - Restaurants can be a very romantic and intimate place to meet your date. You should make sure that your date likes the type of food that the restaurant provides i.e. Indian, Chinese, Thai etc. If you're not sure what they like, go to a more mainstream establishment that will provide a wide range of food. It's often a good idea to ring the restaurant beforehand, just in case you need to book before you go. If you get turned away because they are fully booked this may be very embarrassing and ruin your date.

Ideally you should try and pick a place you have already been to before and enjoyed the food. This will help to put you at ease and give you a bit of confidence. If you don't know of any good restaurants why not ask one of your friends whose judgement you trust

Picnic in the countryside - A great free date and very romantic. It's worth doing a quick check on the weather forecast as we all know how unpredictable our British weather is. It's a great way to get to know your date as you will have plenty of peace and quiet.

Walk on the beach - Obviously this one would be difficult to arrange if neither of you life near the sea. However, if the sea is close by, a slow walk along the beach followed by a picnic as you watch the waves come in will go down very well.

Trip to the Theatre - A similar date to visiting the cinema. It's a good idea to follow up with a bite to eat afterwards so that you have a chance to chat with your date. Otherwise you may end up spending the evening with your date without having much Chance to talk to them.

Visit a theme park - Wherever you are in the country you shouldn't be too far away from a theme park. With roller coaster rides, dodgems and many other forms of amusement a theme park is sure to get you both smiling and having a laugh. A great way to get to know someone in a fun environment.

Visit a local attraction - Another great public place to meet your date. A good opportunity for you to impress your date with your knowledge of local areas noted for their historical importance.

Ice skating or roller blading - Whilst this may not be everyones cup of tea, it should be a fun date if you both see the funny side when you keep falling over each other. - The Online Jewish singles Dating website. Find your jewish soulmate on this Free, safe, fun and easy to use singles dateing site. Also find listings of jewish singles events and parties happening in your area on

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