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First dates are very important, you want to leave a good impression and hope for a second date. Most people think that you need to go to dinner on a first date or spend a lot of money. The truth is that it isnít all about the money but chemistry and connection.

Planning the Date
You can plan the first date by texting, speaking on the phone or by email but it is a good thing to speak with the person on the phone is order to have a quick conversation

You can suggest a few ideas of a public place to meet on the first time, no one said that you must go to dinner. Great public places for a first day would be a coffee shop, starbucks, a local bar, walk on the boardwalk but you want to make sure that the place isnít loud in order that you can have a conversation and get to know the person better.

You aren't made of money, so don't blow a week's wage on a first date. To avoid any potentially awkward situation it might be best to plan on splitting the costs beforehand. But, remember that a good tip to a waiter demonstrates class.

Going to meet the person for the first time
It is good to meet the person at the place, because you can control for how long you stay and see how well the date goes. You can always decide to go for a walk or do something else if the date is going really well.

It is good tell your friends are family where you might be meeting the person in order to be safe, especially that you donít really know the other person. It is very important that you brush your teeth, shower, use perfume or fragrance and make sure to dress nice in order to leave a good impression.

Things to do during the date
You donít want to be the only person that is talking, let the other person talk and tell you about them self. Ask some question about their family, siblings, hobbies, education and more. You want to make sure the conversation is flowing and have good eye contact.

Donít keep looking at your watch, because your date might think you are in a hurry or not having a good time. You donít want to give too much information about yourself on the first day, and donít worry just go with the flow. If the person is right for you then you will know it.

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